Thomas M. Zaino - Speaker


Are You Ready for Municipal Income Tax Uniformity? - Dec. 7th 10:30am - Track 1, Session 2


• Discuss the law’s major provisions.

• Discover changes adopted under Ohio’s latest budget bill and review various proposed model ordinances.

• Explore new affidavits that might save you time and money.

Steve K. Hall - Speaker


New Issues for 2015 Tax Returns: Ohio Pass-Through Entity Tax and Ohio Personal Income Tax Update - Dec. 7th 2:30pm - Track 1, Session 12


• Discuss the new flat 3% tax on certain business income.

• Examine the Ohio Small Business Deduction and Ohio PTE “related member” adjustments.

• Explore Ohio’s bright-line residency law change.



Adam L. Garn - Speaker


Multi-State Tax Update - Dec. 8th 10:30am - Track 2, Session 18


• Discuss the multi-state tax developments from the past year.

• Review legislation from the past year and recent court decisions. 

• Discover new opportunities to reduce multistate tax exposure.

Denise A. Torrell - Speaker


R&D Tax Credits - Dec. 8th 10:30am - Track 4, Session 20


• Explore the Research and Development (R&D) credit and incentive opportunities from both a federal and state perspective.

• Examine practical considerations, including gathering the data, reviewing contracts and defending the positions upon audit.

• Review technical issues, including the R&D credit on software and proposed Ohio legislation.

Debora D. McGraw - Speaker


Ohio Small Business Tax Update - Dec. 8th 12:45pm - Track 2, Session 22


• Examine misconceptions about the small business deduction.

• Discuss the practical implications of municipal income tax reform.

• Explore common audit controversies.

John R. Trippier - Speaker

Jennifer R. Turner - Speaker


Navigating Ohio’s Audit Process - Dec. 8th 2:10pm - Track 1, Session 25


• Review the procedures, forms, letters, agreements and workpapers used by the Ohio Department of Taxation.

• Discover tips for dealing with auditors and avoiding audit problems.

• Learn best practices to streamline the audit process

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