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Audit Defense

Our goal is to obtain the maximum reduction in audit results by working directly with government auditors and relying on our professionals’ extensive knowledge and experience including past governmental experience. ZHF professionals speak their language and have a great understanding of the audit process.


While we provide the most value when involved from the beginning of an audit, we can assist clients at any step in the audit process. We provide value through negotiating up-front sample periods, performing a detailed review and analysis of auditor findings, documenting the legal basis for your defense, negotiating issues during and after the audit, and filing protests and appeals, as necessary.


Since our client is already under audit, now is the perfect time to complete a Refund Checkup to determine if there are any overpayments that can be used to offset the results of the audit. Click the following link to see a detailed explanation of our Refund Checkup process.

We can provide Audit Defense services for all state and local tax types, including the following: sales, use, gross receipts, income, franchise, real property, personal property, net profits, withholding and unclaimed property.

To further discuss our Audit Defense services and their benefits, please contact any one of the ZHF professionals.



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