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Cat Exam


Our professionals have extensive experience with the CAT, which included drafting the legislation, assisting with writing ODT’s information releases and rules, and creating ODT’s audit program and audit policies.  With the Ohio Department of Taxation’s (ODT) audit efforts ramping up, our Exam assists clients by examining their payments and filings to determine optimal filing positions, identify potential refunds and mitigate future exposure.   Our CAT Exam is similar to our Refund Checkup and focuses our analysis on the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT). Because the CAT is relatively new, there is little case law providing guidance relating to taxability.

If you have not filed a CAT return, our CAT Exam will help you identify whether you meet Ohio’s far reaching nexus requirements and should be filing and will quantify any potential CAT exposure. If any exposure exists, we can assist you with resolving that exposure through our Voluntary Disclosure services. To see more details about our Voluntary Disclosure services, please click the link.

To see a more detailed explanation of our CAT Exam, please click the link. 


To further discuss our CAT Exam process and its benefits or to schedule a CAT Exam, please contact any one of the ZHF professionals.


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