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Due Diligence Analysis

If your business is considering purchasing another business, you need to be aware of any possible state and local tax liabilities and exposures of the seller. Depending on the nature of the tax or the form of the transaction, the purchasing company may assume the liability of the seller.


Businesses planning to sell their operations can also benefit from this service by having an understanding of the possible issues the purchaser may uncover as part of the purchaser’s due diligence review. Sellers can use our Due Diligence Analysis to identify any problems prior to the sale so that steps can be taken to reduce the state and local tax issues, lower any hurdles or road blocks to the sale, and maximize the purchase price.

Our Due Diligence Analysis focuses on determining where a business (for the seller or the purchaser) has underpaid sales, use, gross receipts, income, franchise, real property, personal property, net profit, or unclaimed property.

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