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IRS audits can be an intimidating and time consuming process for taxpayers. If your company finds itself under IRS audit, we can assist by providing a sound audit plan and defense strategy. Our goal is to obtain favorable audit results by working directly with IRS auditors and relying on our professionals' extensive knowledge and experience with the IRS. We speak their language and have a great understanding of the audit process.


If you have never been audited or its been awhile since your last audit, we can help you identify potential areas of risk and provide the legal research necessary to support your positions for future audit. Our goal is to ensure that your issues can be defended quickly and efficiently if and when you are audited.


For larger taxpayers, we are also experienced in the various IRS audit programs including:


  • CAP (Compliance Assurance Process)

  • Pre-Filing Agreement Program

  • LIFE (Limited Issue Focused Examinations)

  • QEP (Quality Examination Program)

  • IIR (Industry Issue Resolution Program)


We can assist you setting up and executing the program that works best for your company.





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