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Managed or Participatory Audits

ZHF may be able to perform the audit instead of or in conjunction with a government auditor in states that allow managed or participatory audits. Typically, managed or participatory audits can be performed if you proactively approach the government or if you have just received a notice for audit. Managed or participatory audits provide excellent value for businesses whether they are regularly audited or have never been audited. Generally, benefits of managed or participatory audits include (1) penalty waiver, (2) significant interest waiver, (3) control of the audit process, (4) better education of the audit and refund issues for client personnel.


As with our normal audit defense services, clients completing a managed or participatory audit can also take advantage of a Refund Checkup to determine if there are any overpayments that can be used to offset the results of the audit. Click the following link to see a detailed explanation of our Refund Checkup process.

Managed or participatory audits can typically be completed for the following tax types: sales, use, and gross receipts.


To further discuss our Managed or Participatory Audit services and their benefits, please contact any one of the ZHF professionals.

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