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Our Firm

Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC is an Ohio-based law firm focusing on multistate and local tax, federal tax, and government affairs. Unlike other law firms that represent both taxpayers and governmental jurisdictions, we never represent the government.  Because we do not represent any government agencies or political subdivisions, our entire loyalty is devoted to our clients—taxpayers.


Our attorney and non-attorney professionals, many of whom are certified public accountants or former state tax officials, work together to assist clients with all aspects of state and local tax matters.  Because the ZHF team has worked inside government, inside industry, and at large accounting and law firms, we can handle all facets of tax issues, including consultation on initial tax planning, performing refund reviews, defending against tax audits, or litigating tax cases to the highest levels. Our non-attorney professionals work under the supervision of our attorneys, ensuring clients the professionalism and confidentiality benefits of using a law firm.


In the area of Ohio government affairs, we leverage our solid reputation and experience to provide high-value government relations services. ZHF takes a disciplined approach, developing specific action plans designed to achieve results. Our team has the know-how to work proactively with policy makers and government officials to achieve our clients’ government affairs goals.

Our unique team understands how government works and we have a proven track record of leveraging that understanding to achieve the best results for our clients, both in tax matters and in government affairs matters.



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