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State and Local Tax (SALT) Planning

 Our SALT Planning services are performed in a three phase approach:


1.      Phase I: Evaluation—We evaluate our client’s business, including its structure, operations and future plans, in order to identify and design planning strategies that are consistent with the business operations.  After presenting these potential tax saving options, the client then chooses which options to pursue.


2.      Phase II: Development—We then develop a comprehensive implementation action plan for each planning strategy chosen by the client. The action plan specifies each step necessary to implement the strategies and assigns tasks and deadlines to the client, ZHF professionals, or other client service providers.


3.      Phase III: Implementation—ZHF professionals take responsibility for the action plan to ensure that the tax planning strategies are implemented in an effective and timely fashion. We work proactively with the client to address any unexpected roadblocks to ensure a successful implementation of the tax saving strategy.

Tax planning strategies can be implemented for the following tax types: sales, use, gross receipts, income, franchise, real property, net profit, and personal property. 

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