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March 31st Deadline!! - Ability to protest Ohio Real Estate Taxes/Utica Shale implications ​ ​

Suburban House

Real estate taxes represent a significant annual expense for most property owners. Much of Ohio has experienced significant reductions in the fair market value of real estate when compared to values from several years ago. This is the time of year to evaluate whether your property is fairly valued in the eyes of the county and whether we can assist you in seeking a tax reduction. Ohio law requires that county auditors re-appraise real estate every six years for purposes of calculating the value of the property that

will be used for computing the real property taxes. The appraised values are also updated every three years, generally through the use of a computer-based system. Although real estate values have fallen significantly in some regions of Ohio, the county auditor’s valuations may not accurately reflect the true value of the property for a variety of reasons.


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