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Did You Change Your Residence From Ohio?

To potentially reduce Ohio income tax, non-residents of Ohio should remember to file Form IT-DA no later than May 30, 2014

An individual that has changed his or her residency (domicile)1 from Ohio to another state or country should remember to file Form IT-DA, the Affidavit of Non-Ohio Residency/Domicile (“NR Affidavit”) either at the same time or shortly after filing the 2013 Ohio individual income tax return. Even if a former Ohio resident does not have Ohio sourced income and is not required to file a 2013 Ohio individual income tax return, the individual may still wish to file the NR Affidavit to protect his or her rights. In either case, by filing the NR Affidavit timely with the Ohio Department of Taxation, in certain circumstances an individual may create a binding presumption that the individual is not domiciled in Ohio, which could result in significant Ohio individual income tax savings.


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