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Oregon Enacts a Corporate Activity Tax to Pay for Education

Ohio House of Representatives’ Budget Increases Business Taxes by $1.2 Billion


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On May 16, 2019, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed H.B. 3427 enacting the Corporate Activity Tax (CAT) effective January 1, 2020. Oregon’s CAT is similar to Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax. Oregon’s CAT is a tax on the privilege of doing business in Oregon and is measured based on gross receipts less inputs or labor costs. However, Oregon’s CAT is in addition to all of Oregon’s other business taxes, while Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax replaced the corporation franchise tax and personal property tax.

The Oregon CAT is similar to Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax in the following aspects:

The Oregon CAT has some provisions that differ from Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax:

While the Oregon CAT has been enacted, there are some opponents of the tax that plan to try to reject the tax by letting the Oregon voters decide through the referendum process. An earlier version of the Oregon CAT was submitted to the voters through the initiative process but failed by a substantial margin.

If you have any questions relating the Oregon CAT or Ohio Commercial Activity Tax, please contact John Trippier or any other ZHF state and local tax professional.

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