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  • Thomas M. Zaino, JD, CPA – Managing Member

Live Stream: ODT Reverses Course on Business Income - How CPAs and Tax Planners Can Respond

Click here to see the recorded version of the event.

Please join Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC in our live stream event, ODT Reverses Course on Business Income - How CPAs and Tax Planners Can Respond, on December 16, 2020 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Our guest speakers will address the following issues plus your questions:

  • History and Background of the BID

  • ODT’s Capital Gain Audit Program – How it Works

  • Historical Treatment of Business Income in Ohio

  • Why ODT’s Position on Capital Gains is Wrong

  • Year-End and Transaction Planning

  • How Taxpayers are Responding—A Client Coalition

Panelists include:

How to watch:

To register through LinkedIn, please click the following link - register here.

Not on LinkedIn?, please click the following link to go directly to our YouTube channel - click here.

Please contact Tom Zaino or any ZHF professional if you have questions.


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