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Tax Compliance Evaluation

Tax Compliance Evaluation

Continually evolving state and local tax laws make it problematic for businesses to stay in compliance on a consistent basis. Our professionals team with our clients to evaluate their past compliance and current state and local tax positions to assess whether there are any refund opportunities or any possible exposures.


ZHF professionals review tax returns and payments (including taxes paid to vendors) to determine if the appropriate amount of tax has been paid.  After approval from our client, we file the appropriate documentation with state and local officials in order to obtain any overpaid tax.


If exposures are discovered, we work with our clients to quantify the amount of exposure and establish strategies to resolve such exposures for the past. Most state and local governments are willing to work with businesses that come forward voluntarily to limit the amount of tax, penalty and interest that is required to be paid to bring the business into compliance. As states become more aggressive and sophisticated in identifying non-filers, the likelihood of being audited is higher than ever before. Our Tax Compliance Evaluation service allows businesses to weigh the savings of voluntarily coming forward instead of waiting to be caught. 


Mitigating future exposure is also important.  We work with clients to identify the root causes of the non-compliance (refunds or exposures) and then develop and implement strategies to eliminate the exposure prospectively.  With proper compliance or effective tax planning, ZHF can reduce a client’s exposure and mitigate surprises in the future. To get more details on our tax planning services please click the link.

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