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Tax Controversy

Tax Controversy

Many businesses may find themselves under audit or in litigation because of the increase in state and local government audit activity. States and localities are becoming more sophisticated in identifying audit leads (both registered taxpayers and unregistered businesses), so the chances of being audited increase every year.  Our experience shows that government auditors are also taking more aggressive positions, which can lead to more difficult audits and even to litigation.


At ZHF, our professionals work diligently to resolve controversies at the earliest stage possible to minimize the time and resources necessary to defend you at the audit level. If litigation is required, our attorneys have the necessary experience to represent you at all levels of administrative and judicial review.


We minimize the impact of audits and litigation by: (1) using our extensive knowledge and experience including past governmental experience to work closely with tax officials to reduce assessments during and after an audit; (2) reviewing compliance to determine if overpayments have occurred and using them to offset the results of the audit; (3) analyzing the litigation risks to prudently navigate assessments through all levels of appeal; and (4) using our negotiation experience throughout the audit and litigation process to resolve issues as quickly and favorably as possible.

To further discuss our Tax Controversy services and their benefits, please contact any one of the ZHF professionals.



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