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Tax Policy

No other Ohio firm has the unique reputation and experience as ZHF when dealing with tax policy issues and solving tax disputes with legislative changes and clarifications.  Policy makers at all levels of government often seek the input of our professionals on tax policy.  Our team includes a former Ohio tax commissioner, as well as a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives.  Both have walked the halls of the Ohio statehouse to advocate for positive tax policies.  Members of our Tax Policy team have also advocated nationally on state tax policy matters, including in other states.

Often, a particular tax law or policy has an unintended consequence, either because the effects were not fully thought out or because of a changing business environment.  When the existing tax law does not work as intended or works to our client's detriment, we can assist with fixing the law and avoiding such detriments.

We have experience in developing and advocating for major reform of our tax systems.  For example, our professionals were directly involved in drafting and advocating the major 2005 overhaul of Ohio's business tax system.  We also drafted and advocated for the recent major reforms of Ohio's municipal income tax system.  Our understanding of the issues and our experience make ZHF the firm to drive significant tax changes on behalf of our clients for a more competitive tax system.

To further discuss our Tax Policy services and their benefits, please contact any one of the ZHF professionals.

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